New Metrology Xplorer Version 1.3 Released

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At On Time Support, we believe in the long term viability and superiority of the MET/TRACK platform.  Thats why we undertook the task of adding new features to Metrology Xplorer and releasing version 1.3.

If you are a current Metrology Xplorer user, we are confident you will enjoy the new product enhancements.  We have provided an upgrade product to meet your needs.

New CGI - web side features:

New admin program features:

  • New Integrated Report Admin Screen
    • Single Screen for SQL & Crystal Reports
    • Active & Inactive Reports can be edited and modified

    • Cloning reports is implemented
    • Renaming Reports is implemented
    • Assign Crystal Report Output Type (Word, Excel or PDF)
    • Enhanced Prompt Editing
    • Assign Validation/Pick List to Prompts
    • Assign Custom Validations to Prompts
  • Desktop Selection for Metrology Explorer 1.3


New Custom Auto Layout

Auto Layout provides for a more modern looking visual. Titles are automatically alligned with the field contents making screen design faster. The original layout method is still maintained if you prefer the flexibility it offers but you now have a choice.

 New Auto Screen Layout

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Drop Down Calender

Date Calender prompts are used for Crystal and SQL reports where date prompts are used.  You can still type in the date, however, the drop down calender makes date selection easier can help eliminate mistakes.Calendar Prompt


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Drop Down Validation and Pick List

Drop down Validation and Pick lists are supported for Crystal and SQL reports.  These validation lists are always real time updated.


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Enhanced Security

Metrology Xplorer 1.3 has new enhanced security.  Special characters can be eliminated by “tuning” the security.  This configuration is in the metex.ini file.

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METDaemon Enabled

Metrology Xplorer supports installations using IIS, Apache, or by the using the METDaemon as a web sever.

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Engineering Notes

When using the METDaemon as a web server, the installation is simplified and there are new engineering notes fields that can be configured.  These engineering Notes (memo) fields will only work properly when using the METDaemon as a web server.

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Attach to Dedicated MET/TRACK Desktop

Metrology Xplorer 1 allows you to select a specific MET/TRACK Desktop.  A special desktop can be created for Metrology Xplorer 1, that would allow for field layouts that would display better within a web browser.  In addition, you can eliminate or add fields that you want outside customers to see.

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EXCEL, WORD or PDF Reports

Crystal Reports can be exported to the user in PDF, EXCEL, or WORD format.

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Create Special Wallpaper for Screens and Reports

You can customize the look of the screens by applying wallpaper layouts.  On Time Support provides some default Wallpaper, or you can create your own, or leave the screen blank. 

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New Report Admin Screen

The new reports admin screen now integrates all report functions in one place.  You can manage both SQL and Crystal reports.  They can be either active or inactive.  Report prompts are presented in a logical manner making them easy to maintain.  You can also clone or rename reports.

Crystal Admin

SQL Reports
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