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Newsletter - Update from On Time Support

To our Customers

The past year has been full of challenges and accomplishments for us and its time to let everyone know what we've been up to.  We have been working hard on exciting projects with assistance (both technical and financial) of several well respected companies. This help has put our new product efforts on a fast track which is allowing new and upgrade product releases to occur far more quickly than we could have accomplished strictly on our own.  We are working on web site updates and they should be available very soon.

As part of the development process, we focused on security for our web products and they are constantly being tested.  There have also been new developments in performance for these applications.  Our METDaemon products have always performed well in low bandwidth environments and we have enhanced this performance further.  We also focused on product testing in three areas; accuracy, performance, and security.  We have worked with other organizations to perform this testing and now we are finishing up field tests.

New Metrology Xplorer Version 1.3 Released

<- To Metrology Xplorer 1 Product Page.

At On Time Support, we believe in the long term viability and superiority of the MET/TRACK platform.  Thats why we undertook the task of adding new features to Metrology Xplorer and releasing version 1.3.

If you are a current Metrology Xplorer user, we are confident you will enjoy the new product enhancements.  We have provided an upgrade product to meet your needs.

New METDaemon Release is now Available (Version 1.5) (New)

On Time Support has released a new METDaemon with many new applications and capabilities for use with existing MET/TRACK Systems (Version 7.1 to 8.1+).  Existing applications like Email Notification and Metrology Xplorer 2 have several new enhancements.  There are several new applications such as BC Mobile (Web Based Barcode Magician), METDaemon Barcode Generater for embedding barcodes in documents, METDaemon Responder for closing the loop for quality processes, and the METDaemon Viewer which can provide a wide variety of status reports.  All applications are web based and some of these app

Introducing Label Direct

Label Direct LogoLabel printing limitations are Gone Forever!

On Time Support is pleased to introduce Label Direct for our calibration label printer customers.  Label Direct provides the ability to print cal labels from almost any office or calibration application or just a text editor if you choose.  You can even print detailed labels from MS Excel or MS Word, and of course it works with Crystal Reports.  In addition to standard text & images, 1D and 2D bar codes are supported.  No special fonts or print drivers are necessary to deploy and print the labels, even 2D labels!

Metlist Support - Still alive and as popular as ever.

METLIST is a free service from On Time Support, which connects you to other MET/CAL and OTS software users. With METLIST, you can send a message to a group of subscribers and ask for help or suggestions to specific questions.

New Metrology Xplorer® 1 and E-Mail Notification Package

We have put together a package (part # 8110-PKG) that includes Metrology Xplorer® 1 and E-Mail Notification. There is a new application note that describes the process for linking screens from Metrology Xplorer® 1 to our Automated E-Mail package. This package saves 15% over purchasing individually.   Application note: Linking Automated Email Notification to Metrology Xplorer 1®

FAST/TRACK Support Plan

On Time Support is proud to introduce our FAST/TRACK Support Plan.

New E-Mail Notification Released

A new version of E-Mail Notification was released on Feb 2, 2012.

SQL Training Available On Site

The SQL training class for MET/TRACK and OTS products is available.

Special Bundle Offer for BCM, Label Printers and Scanners

Order the Calibration Label Printer, Laser Scanner, and Barcode Magician® as a package.

On Time Support® has a variety of package deals that include the Laser Scanner and Label Printer with a Barcode Magician® License. You can $ave dollars with the package deal.

Barcode Magician© Product Bundles

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