METDaemon Responder

Example METDaemon Responder FlowchartMETDaemon Responder is the ideal application for creating and presenting web based forms to collect and store users' submissions for analysis for the Fluke MET/TRACK database.  Forms are ubiquitously used by organizations to collect information and record the data. Forms are filled out and become essential records that provide objective evidence of compliance to required quality management standards, or activities completed in performance of a task or project. Many of these records are critical to your business performance. They provide the means for analyzing trends; a necessary activity for process improvement. METDaemon Responder can help.

Simplify Capturing Responses from your Customers for your Quality System

What makes the METDaemon Responder a great value is that it grants any organization the ability to convert paper forms into web­ based forms to capture and record information into a database.   Since the information is recorded in real­time, the results may be analyzed immediately. Reports will be able to summarize the data into
actionable knowledge. Using old fashion paper­ based systems, word processing, or  spreadsheet applications do not work well in today’s multi­national or distributed companies.  Saving these individual files on network servers slows down productivity and makes analyzing the pertinent data slow and impractical.

Examples of the kind of information that may be collected include how satisfied a customer is with a service that was provided, or perhaps a complaint from a customer regarding services rendered. Businesses depend on these records and the challenge comes down to what solutions are available to make records management easier.

Email Notification is an On Time Support product that enables users to schedule automatically delivered HTML formatted reports using information stored in a database. Imagine not only sending out a report to the intended recipients, but also including a link back to a web form to allow customers to provide a “response” back to the sender. With some knowledge in Structured Query Language (SQL) and HTML, it is possible to create a solution automating business and/or quality processes.

Planning ImageIdeal Solution For Any Process Based Workflow

  • Quality management processes
  • Calibration extension approval
  • Quality assurance evaluations
  • Incoming/Outgoing inspection forms
  • Technical training
  • Survey forms
  • Service related customer complaints
  • Problem reporting systems
  • Claims forms
  • Measurement processes
  • Out of tolerance (OOT) notifications and impact assessments
  • Equipment reliability analysis
  • Product audits

Email eEsponse with METEX1

The screen at right shows several instruments that need to have their calibration records reviewed.  This particular example has three links for each instrument.  The Inv Data and Cal Data are links to the Metrology Xplorer 1 web application.  When the recipient clicks on those links, the screen is displayed in Metrology Xplorer 1 for the particular instrument.  It is a quick way to review the instrument information.  When the recipient clicks on the Review cal, a custom METDaemon Responder page is displayed in the web browser.  Take a look at the next screen shot.


Email Responder Accept CalThe Screen at right  shows an example of the METDaemon Responder form.  The left panel displays the pertinent instrument information and is customizable. The Panel at the right is where the responses are entered.  Fields can be validated or can have a free form entry.

Authorization to access the database through the METDaemon Responder can be per MET/TRACK user, Barcode Magician user, or no authorization(guest access).  The preset forms only allow for specific data fields to be accessed and/or modified in the database.

Email Notification can be configured to notify the Lab Manager when a response is entered.  This saves a lot of time and generates consistent responses that can be used for data analysis.  There are an unlimited number of applications for the METDaemon Responder.  The METDaemon Report Viewer makes a great companion product espeically for developing and troubleshooting processes.

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